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Features 'Tools'

This system is designed with most of Social Networking Media tools and loads of other features to enhance users activities for the purpose of advancing the career of talented and creative creators, the creative industry and its associated biznesses. To mention a few:

  • Contest,
  • Creative Funding,
  • Stores, 
  • Videos,
  • Blogs,
  • Events, plus more.

Contest: Is designed to host healthy competitions of all kinds of creative and innovative ideas such as Music, Movies, Comedy, Fashion, Arts, plus more.

Creative Funding: Is to foster funding opportunities for various kinds of innovative and creative projects.

Stores: This is for buying and selling of creative contents and the marketing of creative industry related goods and services, especially for celebrities branded biznesses and products. Such content as:

  • Music,
  • Movies,
  • Books,
  • Branded contents,
  • Branded Products and services that are associated with the industries.
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