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SBP-Contest Solution:

About SBP-Contest:

A ShowbizPlus Contest; is an ultimate online Contest Management Solution for creating and organizing high-quality competitions of various kinds, in the following Contest types: (Video - Music/Audio - Photo/Graphic - Writing/Blog).The Contest Management Solution has everything you need to create, personalize and manage contests and awards/prizes processes in minutes.

The contestants are able to submit their digital content during entry, depending on the contest type, (Video - Music/Audio - Photo/Graphic - Text/Blog Contest) they are voted by audience or/and accessed by panel of judges, based on their submitted digital content.


Harness Your Audience With SBP-Contest Solution.

To give your business a competitive edge

Crowd sourcing is the way of the future. In the world of online media, you can set yourself apart from your competition, with user-generated content. More than 80% are engaged with authentic digital content generated online and using the thrill and excitement of competition is engaging your audience to share ideas and inspire others and in the process, propel your brand towards exceptional engagement, while your business gets the exposure it deserves to shoot your brand to success.

With our Contest Management Solution, creating high-quality, engaging content that can be shared to your website and social media is simple and stress-free. Our online competition solution has everything you need to attract and convert customers in droves.

Whether your goal is to engage your customers, drive more revenue or streamline the process of training, education, human resources, no matter what you have in mind for your next campaign, whether you’re a large enterprise or a small family business, SBP-Contest is the right solution. Our vision for you is to scout, discover, nurture talents and grow a range of creative business areas including sales, marketing, human resources, education and operations, seamlessly leveraging SBP-Contest. It comes with comprehensive statistic details to understand your audience activities. These crucial intuition will inspire your future campaigns and ensure you get value for your marketing budget. We make the process easier to help you achieve it.



Though talent are scattered everywhere, finding them in an ever increasingly competitive market is hard. It is not only that they are hard to find most times, but you hardly can be everywhere to spot talent or hardly can spot them by just meeting them.
By leveraging the power of  SBP-Contest Solution, you are not only able to scout for potential talents all around but also you are able to manage the process of spotting and selecting rare talents.

You can seamlessly create various kind of competition through the following contest types; Video - Music/Audio - Photo?Graphic - Text/Blog, the contestants are able to submit their digital content during entry, depending on the contest type, (Video - Music/Audio - Photo/Graphic - Text/Blog Contest) they are voted / accessed base on their submitted digital content.


To Lunch Your Contest In A Minute!

SBP-Contest: the contest management solution allows you to create, personalize and manage contests and awards processes in minutes. Simply choose contest name, category, your contest type, (Video - Music/Audio - Photo/Graphic - Text/Blog Contest) configure with your own branded imagery, details about contest, the rules as well as the award (to attract people to the contest) and publish the contest or save to draft; when you are not yet ready to publish.

You can make your contests attractive to increase traffic to the contest after publishing, with Feature, Premium, Ending Soon tools and Promote Contest (a Code generated to embed the contest to other external websites).

You can create your contest in your own way. Set entry and voting periods, choose who can join, enter or access the contest, impose voting restrictions and internal judging guide and much more. You have complete control over all the details; we just help with the execution.


Activate and engage participants

Leverage the contest solution to create and promote contest for talents participation for entries. After entries are created, activate engagement by promoting entries for audience participation to assess contestants’ generated content and vote entries and/or leverage panel of judges to assess entries and provide feedback to entrants. The Contest solution allows contest owner to credibly capture authenticated votes from audiences, providing protection from fraud. Panel of Judges can capture, moderate, assess digital entries using detailed assessment criteria.


Assess candidates using Panel of Judges

Now that you have collection of your candidate digital contents, use SBP-Contest App assessment features to securely get judges to assess, rank and comment on digital contents. Assign digital contents to judges based on time periods, categories and more. Allow your judges to securely view videos, images, Audio, Written contents and other associated applicant information. Set dates and monitor progress of your judges to ensure you collect all assessment scores in a timely manner in order to select successful candidates.



At the completion of your contest, reward your participants with prizes, etc. Analyse the success of your contest by measuring contest engagement through likes, views, shares, votes and entries statistics.




Full user registration process is by Email Address Sign in or with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Invite/Import users from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email domain and other systems. Apart from registered information, custom fields will allow users to enter more information.

It Support: Security/Privacy settings, IP Whitelisting, User email validation, Email domain and IP blocking, Social sharing.




Leverage the power of SBP-Contest Solution and social media to make your contest campaigns a viral success.

Online content and branded competitions go hand-in-hand. In today’s online digital world, content is the most powerful tool, the ultimate way to draw attention to your business for all the right reasons. Merging compelling content with thrilling contests will help you get the most from your marketing. We’ve done all the hard work, making the process easier – the rest is up to your imagination.

Whether it’s Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr or Facebook and some other social platform, we have you covered.

Sharing your online competition to your brand’s social media pages is an integral part of any campaign. We made it easier to harness the power of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more to get your contest out there.



Contest Key Features:

  • Contest Type: Text/Blog – Music/Audio – Photo/Graphic – Video
  • An icon to identify each contest type
  • Code to embed a specific contest to other websites
  • Automatically email notifications to contest owners and participants.
  • Full mobile responsive
  • Access to mobile phone camera,
  • Support multiple images
  • Support AddThis, Hashtag
  • Entry payment gateway: Contact Us!
  • Voting payment gateway: Coming Soon!
  • Support CDN


Contest Home Page:

  • Category and Sub-category: to classify the contest
  • Featured Contests are displayed in slideshow mode
  • Premier Contests and display in contest page
  • Ending Soon Contests activate and display in contest page
  • Categories - Sub-category
  • Statistics: show participants / Contest Type / Category / Contest Activities as Entries, Likes, Views.


Creating A New Contest:

  • Create Contest
  • Contest Name: give the contest a name
  • Choose A Contest Type: Tex/Blog – Music/Audio – Photo/Graphic – Video
  • Classify Contests by Categories / Sub-category
  • Short Description: give a brief introduction about the contest.
  • Main Description: give information about the contest.
  • Support hashtag
  • Option to automatically approve entry.
  • Contact Us for payment gateway for entry.
  • Award: give information about contest award / prizes
  • Terms and Conditions: define terms and conditions of a contest
  • Personalize Your Contest: Upload a photo or graphic impression of contest details as contest photo
  • Attach additional photos, graphics, jpeg, pdf, png, gif
  • Define Contest Duration: start and end time
  • Define Submit Entries Duration/Period: start and end time
  • Define Voting Duration/Period: start and end time
  • Option to allow audience to vote for entry without joining contests
  • Define Maximum entries per a participant.
  • Define Maximum votes per a participant for entry.
  • Define Number of winning entries: to be rewarded. How many winners
  • Privacy: set who can see and leave review on contest.
  • Send personal email invitation to friends on/off site to join the contest


Audience Can:

  • View contest description, Award, Announcement
  • Promote contest with Code to embed contest to other websites
  • Invite friends, follow contest, favorite contest, join / leave contest
  • Send personal email invitation to friends on/off site to join the contest
  • Submit entry. In (blog , video, music, photo)
  • Promote entry with Code to embed contest to other websites
  • View Contest statistics: Participants, Entries, Likes, Views.
  • Vote entry.
  • Vote for entry after joining contests “if set contest owner”
  • Vote for entry without joining contests “if set contest owner”
  • View entries and votes
  • Most voted / most viewed entries.
  • Suggestion and Recommendation Contest
  • View contests in Member Profile
  • Can Like, React, Comment, Share, Save, Report and Suggest Contest
  • Can Attach a Photo, Post a Sticker, Insert an Emoji when writing a comment to contest.
  • Tag Friends, Insert Feelings
  • Upload content from mobile phone gallery and computer folders
  • Support AddThis on Contest Detail page
  • Support Hashtag