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ShowbizPlus is a web-based Technology; primarily for the Creative Industry, to inspire talents, creators, innovators to createdevelopdiscovernurturecollaborateshare and expose their creative / innovative / tech ideas. It will enable the development, deployment and management of creative/innovative content and facilitate exchanges between interdependent groups, of content creators, producersconsumers and patrons

It is designed with complete social networking functionality and other friendly features for users to socializeconnect, interact and create large, scalable network of users and resources that can be accessed on demand. It stands to foster creativity and innovation advancement and monetization possibilities for the creative industry, “showbiz-plus” businesses.

ShowbizPlus will consistently: continue to enhance and expand all solutions.

  • Believe in the power of creativity and innovation, Encourage/Inspire creative thinking and activation,
  • Ask smarter questions to foster innovative solutions, 
  • Provide enabling environment through ShowbizPlus; to stimulate creativity, innovations and collaborations. 

What began as an idea has today been transformed to a completely self-service solution with many enhancements.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small family business, ShowbizPlus is best to help you activate and convert your audience to customers using our Online Technology Platform.


We are currently testing the site.

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A brief introduction of ShowbizPlus.
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